How to remove red wine stains from carpet

By | June 26, 2016

Remove red wine stains from carpet

Red wine creates very well marked stains, specially on light colored fabrics. If you spill some of it on the carpet you would almost instantly see a patch of color. However removing these stains is not that difficult.

In this post we take a look at some very simple home remedies that can work quite well to remove the stains from your carpet.

Always make sure to do a spot test first to ensure the colorfastness of the carpet fabric. Whatever cleaning solution you intend to use, should be first applied to a hidden part of the fabric to check if the fabric is loosing its color or texture. If not, then it would be safe to proceed.

1. Pour water and blot out

The first thing to do is to absorb away as much wine as you can by diluting it with plain water. This method works best while the stain is fresh and wet. In case of fresh stains, since it has not settled yet, it can be easily dissolved out.

Pour some cold water on the stain spot and then use a tissue paper or paper towel to press on the stain to absort as much stain out as possible. Repeat this process if the stain is in excess.

Afterwards, what would be left is the residue of the stain that would be both light in color and density.

2. Use Vinegar with dishwashing liquid

Take a cup of water and mix about 1 tablespoon of vinegar and 1 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in it. Now dampen a piece of sponge or washcloth with this solution and use it to press or dab on the stain.

As the mixture goes into the carpet it will dissolve the wine stain and pull it out on the pressing washcloth. Once the stain goes away, again blot with fresh water and rinse.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Plain rubbing alcohol is another good option as it will dilute the stain and dissolve it. Pour little bit of alcohol on the stained area and dab with a wash cloth or towel.

You should see the stain getting loose and being absorbed in the washcloth. Keep doing till all of the stain has been removed from the carpet. Once done, rinse with plain cold water again.

4. Salt and Club Soda

This is another trick that can help reduce and remove any traces of the wine stains. Drop some salt on the stain area. Then pour a little bit of club soda or some transparent beverage drink.

Now dab with a wet washcloth and rub a little and the stain should dissolve away. You may use a vacuum to blow the carpet dry.

5. Commercial cleaning solutions

There are plenty of commercial carpet cleaning solutions available. And most of them would do an excellent job. Here are some popular ones

1. Wine Away –
2. OxiClean


The above mentioned solutions should work well for most common type of carpets. However if your carpet is made of special delicate fabric then you should consult a professional instead of trying to lift the stain yourself.

At most you can try to blot the stain with fresh water, and then call a professional immediately before the stain becomes permanent. Professionals use special detergents, chemicals along with specific techniques like steam, that removes stains from delicate fabrics without damaging them. They cost you some extra money but are worth, if the carpet is worth more.

Thanks for reading. For any other queries or suggestions please use the comment box below.

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