How to remove permanent marker from leather

By | June 20, 2016

Permanent markers leave a really permanent mark on a variety of things like paper, clothes and leather. They can be difficult to remove using plain water and soap.
How to remove permanent marker from leather
If you somehow get a permanent marker stain on something like a leather purse, jacket or leather furniture, then you need to be a bit careful, because any attempt to remove the permanent mark can also ruin the color and shine of the leather surface.

Here are some simple tricks that can remove permanent marker stains from leather surfaces using common household items.

1. Try hair spray

Hair spray is mildly acidic and effective in removing stains from ink or permanent markers. Just apply a little hair spray on the stain area and gently rub using a cotton bud of washcloth.

If the stain is not too strong, it should be gone. Then rub again with clean washcloth damp with water.

2. Aftershave

The aftershave lotion used by men, contains alcohol which can work well to remove light stains like those caused by inks and markers.

Wet a small piece of tissue paper or cotton with some aftershave and gently dab and rub the stain, and it should lift up.

3. Rubbing alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol and work well to remove the stains. Wet a small piece of wash cloth with some rubbing alcohol and gently dab and rub the stain area. As the stain comes out, switch to a different part of the wash cloth that is clean.

Once the stain is removed, dab with fresh water soaked washcloth and the leather should look good.

4. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is also an effective solution to remove stains from leather. Apply a little sunscreen on a washcloth and gently rub the stain with it.

First rub some hidden part of the leather to see if it looses color or not.

5. Other commercial products

If the stain is quite heavy and does not go away using the above methods, then you may try out some commercial cleaning products.

Mr. Clean “Magic Eraser” is one such popular product. Visit for Magic Erasers or your nearest store find more options. O

Extra tips and advice

With any of the above methods, always use very little of the cleaning agent and do a spot test to check the colorfastness of the leather surface.

Nail polish remover can take off the color of the leather. So first do a spot test to check the colorfastness of your leather.

Instead of hair spray you can also try some kind of body spray. Body sprays are also slightly acidic so can work well to remove the stain.

Use leather conditioners after removing the stain, to restore the shine of the leather.

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