How to remove mold from a mattress

By | July 10, 2016

Removing mold from mattress

Having a clean and odor-free mattress is very important for good health, not just because you spend about a third of the day sleeping on it, but also because it is very close to your body when you sleep on it.

Any kind of dirt, dust, or mold that contaminates the mattress is will absolutely affect your body through respiration and skin. When you sleep on a mattress affected with the smell of mold you are directly inhaling the micro-organisms and the toxic gases they produce.

Mold can be very risky for patients suffering respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis or any other form of allergy. It can also cause irritation to the eyes and skin if present in large quantities.

In humid climate conditions, mattresses are vulnerable to mold growth since they move little, are cleaned seldom and not exposed to bright sunlight. So it becomes very important to clean away the mold to ensure that it is fit and healthy for human use.

Mold can appear on either side of the mattress. It can appear anywhere on the mattress, either the surface or even deep inside. Mattresses are often made of foam which is porous inside and provides space for moisture to get trapped. Moisture and warmth is what mold needs to grow.

Sometimes mold can even grow out due to liquid spills on it. Kids often spill milk or water that instantly seeps inside the foam and rests there until cleaned appropriately or dries itself after a very long time.

However such spills provide a very conducive environment for mold and other forms of fungal growths. And with kids at home you have to be even more careful about cleanliness to ensure health safety.

1. Do a thorough inspection

This relates directly to your health, so be extra careful and check the mattress thoroughly. Check all sides of the mattress and find all signs of mold.

Check if the mold has appeared only on the surface or is it entrenched deep inside the foam. Also check the pillows if they have also been affected by the mold.

To clean the mold you will need things like a vacuum, rubbing alcohol, simple dusting broom.

2. Vacuum the mattress

Get a vacuum and pull out all the excess mold on the surface. The vacuum should be able to clear away most of the mold on the surface without spreading it in air.

Vacuum all sides of the mattress evenly. Continue doing so for few minutes till all the visible mold spore is gone and the mattress surface feels drier than before.

If you do not have a vacuum, then take the mattress in some open space and use a broom to dust the entire surface. Wear a protective mask to prevent inhaling the air particles while cleaning.

3. Clean with alcohol

Alcohol is an effective in removing mold. Mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol with warm water in a small bucket. Soak a washcloth in the solution and squeeze out the excess liquid. Now use this cloth to rub the moldy area of the mattress. Clean the mattress thoroughly.

Make sure that the washcloth is not too wet, to avoid the mattress getting from soaking the excess water.

After cleaning with alcohol, turn on the fans and open the windows in the room. This will help the mattress dry quickly. Also vacuum the mattress again in the area where the alcohol was applied.

4. Lay out in bright sunlight

Sunlight is a completely natural and the probably the best way to disinfect your mattress and clothes from all kinds of germs, damp and decays. It can work wonders and kill even the most dangerous of mold infestations.

Bright sunlight with heat the mattress inside out and completely eliminate all moisture and damp from it. This will also kill all mold , bacteria and virus that might be left anywhere inside.

The heat of sun will also reduce bad odors and make the mattress feel fresh and new. The best way to do this is by laying out the mattress on the roof. Put some papers or a nylon sheet beneath the mattress to avoid it getting dirty.

Let the mattress stay in the sun for the entire day. During the day flip it upside down to make sure that both sides get equal heat. Repeat this process for several days if the results are not yet satisfactory.

While the mattress is lying in the sun, sprinkle baking soda on it all around and rub a little with hands. The baking soda will remove any sticky dirt from the surface of the mattress and make it cleaner. Afterwards, dust off the soda or vacuum it out.

Extra tips and advice

After cleaning the mattress, take care of it to prevent mold from growing again. Avoid putting any wet cloth like a towel on the mattress for long. This cause the mattress to get wet and absorb moisture.

Always use a bedsheet over the mattress to protect it. Avoid eating or drinking on the mattress to avoid any liquid spills.

Change the bedsheet, regularly like once every 2 months. Vacuum the mattress everytime you clean it to ensure that it is free from dust and moisture. If you ever notice any smell coming out of the mattress take immediate action without delay. Foul smell would always indicate mildew/mold that needs to be cleaned away as soon as possible.

Avoid cleaning mattress molds with laundry detergents or soap. They can leave behind sediments which can again attract moisture from air and permeate deep into the mattress foam. Also, while cleaning with washcloths always make sure that the washcloth is squeezed properly to remove all excess water.

After regular cleaning you may want to use some disinfectant on the mattress to deep clean the mold and prevent it from occurring again for some time. However make sure that you choose a disinfectant that is natural or non-toxic. Using toxic chemicals can again be harmful if any traces are left behind.

Let us know if you have any suggestions or queries about removing mold from your mattress. Thanks for reading.

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