How to remove bleach stains from clothes

By | June 24, 2016

Removing bleach stains

Bleach is a very strong alkaline substance and when you accidentally drop it or apply on clothes, the fabric gets discolored developing patches or stains.

So the bleach stains are not external stains covering the fabric, but the fabric itself discolored on that spot making it appear like a stain.

how to remove bleach stains

So there is no way to “undo” the bleaching effect, but there are ways to cover it up using certain chemical agents. Depending on what and where the stain is on the fabric, you may want to consider one of the following options.

1. Rub using alcohol

Take a cotton ball or sponge and dampen it with some rubbing alcohol. Gently rub the area around the stain moving towards the stain. The objective is to bring color from around the stain, to the stain.

This method might work with fabrics like jeans that have excess dye on them. The excess dye from around the stain would loosen up with the effect of alcohol and get applied to the stained area, thereby reducing its visibility.

However its unknown how much will this temporary coloring last. It might get reduced in the next laundry wash. This method is ideal for stains that are small in size and mild in effect.

2. Try permanent markers

Since the bleach stain has discolored the fabric, a good way to restore it is by applying some color yourself. Again this method works best, if the stain is small and on a dark colored background.

Get one of those “Marvy Fabric Marker” or the “Sharpie permanent marker” from your local craft store or order online from amazon. Pick out the marker that best matches your fabrics color.

First apply the marker to some hidden part of the fabric to make sure that the color is identical. Then apply it on the stain.

This method may not be useful for fabrics very light in color or if a color-matching permanent marker is not available.

3. Dye the clothes

To dye the clothes, means to recolor them. Now you can either just dye the stain or the entire clothe. Get clothing dye from your local laundry store with a color that matches the original color of your fabric the closest. Read the instructions on the dye carefully and then apply it on the stained area.

If the bleach stain is very large then you may want to dye the entire thing. Doing so will require some extra work. First you need to remove the original dye using something like the Rit Color Remover.

Then you have to apply the new dye on the garment. However, if you are not sure about how to do it, the better option is to take it to some professional at a local laundry center.


If the stain is faint and less visible, then you may just want to leave it as it is and continue using the garment. As it gets washed again and again the rest of the fabric will loose out a little of it color making the stain even less visible.

If the above mentioned methods do not help you fix the bleach stain, you may want to call a professional rather than doing anything else yourself.

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