How to get wax out of carpet

By | June 15, 2016

Removing wax from the carpet is easy. You need the following things

1. A table knife or an old credit card
2. Some paper sheets, preferable brown in color. Cut them out from brown paper bags
3. An iron
4. Vacuum

1. Scrub

First scrub the carpet with something that is not very sharp, like an old credit card or table knife. Try to remove as much wax as you can this way. Use a brush to remove the scrubbed wax dust or just turn
the carpet upside down if its small.

Alternatively, use a vacuum to pull out the wax dust.

2. Melt and pull out the rest with iron

In the next step, take a sheet of brown paper large enough to cover the wax stain area and cover it with the paper.

Now turn on the iron to the minimum heat level and then slowly press over the paper. As the heat from the iron transfers over to the wax, it will melt and get absorbed into the paper and will become visible.

Once the paper absorbs enough wax remove it immediately and repeat the process with another piece of paper until the wax residue on the carpet disappears completely.

Continue doing this until all the wax is removed and the carpet looks clean.

Remove the stains

If the wax is colored, then it might leave stains behind. To remove such stains use a solvent like rubbing alcohol or Goof Off. Soak a little of the solve in a wash cloth and dab gently on the stained area of the carpet.

Do not rub, or the carpet might loose color or its fiber loose at the stain area.


Instead of a paper sheet, you can also use a wash towel.

If any wax residue remains, use some carpet cleaning solution to wash the carpet. Oxyclean carpet solution is a good option.

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