How to get smoke smell out of your house

By | June 15, 2016

The smell of cigarette smoke sticks around for quite some time in a house and even longer if there is someone in the house who smokes regularly.

There is nothing good about the smoke and you should always try to get rid of it as quick and as much as you can.

Although smoke appears to be a gas that should dissipate in sometime by itself, it is not exactly so. Cigarette smoke contains various kinds of chemicals in both gas and residue form that can stick to various objects like the wall, or furniture, curtains, clothes, bed sheets etc. And the smell continues to stick around the place.

There are a number of ways you can get rid of the smoke odor from your house. Some of the methods involve using room fresheners and other products. However, we would recommend the more natural ways of eliminating odors like cleaning the place.

So in this post we talk about some very simple techniques to get rid of the smoke smell from your house and get fresh air in.

1. Get fresh air – open up all windows and doors

Sounds quite simple, and is very effective. Just open up the windows and doors for the odor to leave your house and get fresh air in.

Also, turn on the ceiling fan if any. This will further improve air circulation throughout and cause the smell to leave your house faster.

If there is just a little of smoke smell, doing that should solve your problem.

2. Start dusting

Yes, this will take some time and effort, but is totally worth it. Dusting can remove various particles that come out of smoke and stick around the place. Pay attention to those places where the smoker spend most of his time smoking.

It could be the sofa, the bed, furniture or the computer desk.

3. Clean up the fabrics

The curtains, carpet, bed sheets, pillow covers, table cloths and everything. Pull out all those fabrics and wash them up.

Wipe the floor

Wiping the floor with a wet mop will free the place of all dust including smoke particles. You may want to use detergent on the floor if its marble or tiles. Wooden flooring will need some other kind of cleaning solutions.

Rub the walls and ceiling

If the smell is just too strong and has not left even after cleaning the floor, carpet and curtains, the final things you need to do is clean up the walls and ceilings where the smoke particles are probably sticking and giving out the smell.

Check the airconditioner

Air conditioners have filter inside them that pull dust and particles from air. The filter needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid any bad smell that might start building up from the residue in the filter.

Some more ideas

Make it a habit to regularly clean the place. Dust the furniture and use a vacuum or mop to clean the floors. Open up the windows and doors for sometime everyday to further eliminate any bad odors.

Doing so not only keeps the place free from odors, but also keeps it free from microbial growth like bacteria and fungi.

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