How to get rid of skunk smell in house

By | July 25, 2016

Removing skunk smell

The smell of skunk spray is one of the foulest among’st animals and can be extremely disgusting to tolerate. If you have skunks in your backyard, then they can pollute your garage or worse your home. And it can become a huge problem if the smell catches the walls and furniture.

The smell from the skunk spray is so horrible that it can felt a mile away by humans. Besides and unbearable odor, the smell can also cause symptoms like burning eyes and difficulty breathing. So if its your house atleast, you need to take immediate action.

If there is skunk smell within your house, it is likely the job of a skunk that entered your house and did its job in some corner. You have to investigate the source and fix it. Could be furniture, floor, carpet, windows or anywhere.

There are a couple of home made remedies that can be effective in eliminating the stench, and if not effective you have to resort to commercial odor removal products for the better.


1. Find the source of stink

If you have no idea of where it happened, go out and hunt down the source of the skunk smell. Whichever corner of the house it is, look for the oily spray the skunk has left. If it feel unbearable, wear a mask. Open the windows and turn on the fans to dissipate the smell.

If you have pets playing around, then check them too. Your dog might have been sprayed by the skunk and it spread it everywhere in your house from carpets to sofas.

Washing down everything that smells may not be that necessary. Washing just the affected things would eliminate the smell.

2. Clothes

If there are clothings that have been plagued with the stink wash them all. The oil of the skunk spray settles deep in the fibers of the fabric sticking for days. These can be curtains, beddings, couch covers or your own garments.

Wash with regular detergent and add a cup or two of plain white vinegar. Vinegar will fight and eliminate the odor completely. You can also wash the clothes in warm or hot water if the fabrics can tolerate it.

3. Rugs, carpets, floor and walls

A solution of equal parts of plain white vinegar and water can help with rugs, carpets, floors and walls. Prepare the solution in a spray bottle and spray where ever you suspect skunk odor source is. Use a sponge to wipe. Spray again and let the vinegar stay. The vinegar smell will mask the skunk smell.

Besides vinegar you can prepare another cleaning solution using the following recipe –

1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup of baking soda
1 teaspoon of dishwash liquid

The above solution is effective in neutralizing skunk sprays. The solution will cause a fizzy reaction (foams) so use a large container to avoid spilling. Next, use a sponge or something similar to apply it to the affected areas on the wall or floor.

The solution can be used to wipe out furniture as well. However be careful with varnished wood as the solution can cause the wood finishing to come off.

You can also wash your own skin (not the face) with this solution. And even shampoo your pets with it.

4. Outdoor structures

For outdoor structures like your garage or lawn use something strong like a bleach. Bleach itself is very smelly and overtakes the skunk’s odor and eliminates it. Bleach can be applied on concrete or metal structures.

Mix a cup of chlorine bleach (Clorox) with 1 gallon of water. This produces a strong cleaning solution. Now use a sponge or scrubber to wash the entire place with it, or just spill and spread it all over the smelly area.

5. Remove stinks from pets

If your pet has been the victim of the skunk spray then bathe him before he spreads it across the house touching things.

Use plenty of soap and water or prepare the same earlier solution using hydrogen peroxide –

1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup of baking soda
1 teaspoon of dishwash liquid

Apply this solution on the pet allover, avoiding eyes and other sensitive parts. Make sure you do it outdoors to prevent any splashes and spills inside the house. Once done, rinse it out completely from the furs of your pet and make.

6.Odor removal products

If some residue of the stench still lingers around end the battle with some odor removal products. But you will need to get them from the local store or order on amazon.

Here are some popular skunk odor removal products –

Extra tips

After cleaning all that was affected by the skunk spray, there might still be some odor lingering around. To get rid of the remains, just ventilate the place well, and spray vinegar or keep a bowl full of vinegar in the place where it smells most. Vinegar will help absorb the smell over the next few days till it is completely gone.

Besides vinegar and odor eliminating products, there are other things like incense sticks or scented candles that you can try. Incense sticks have a strong aroma that can completely suppress the bad smells.

There might be situations when the skunk smell originates from areas in your house that you cannot clean yourself. It could be some basement or low height crawl spaces where skunks are residing or moving frequently.

For these kind places, its best to call a professional. Professionals can set traps to capture any moving skunks and get them out and also eliminate the smells using effective techniques.

If you too had an encounter with a skunk or its smell, then share your story and tips on removing skunk odor.

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