How to get hair dye stains out of clothes

By | July 2, 2016

Remove hair dye from clothes

Any kind of dye is supposed to stick to whatever it falls on, be it your hair or clothes. So when you drop even a little of it on a garment a powerful stain emerges almost instantly. Even worse if it goes un-noticed for a few hours while you were busy applying the dye.

See that you don’t turn a whole bottle of dye onto the fabric, which could mean a differently colored garment all together 🙂

So hair dye stains are quite strong and the sooner you take action the very better. There are some home remedies to treat it and sometimes even get rid of it. But many a times you might need help of a professional.

1. Try rubbing alcohol

Alcohol is known for its properties of dissolving many different kinds of chemical and organic coloring agents like ink, marker, tea etc.

Dab the stain with a sponge dipped in rubbing alcohol and see if the dye color loosens out. Keep doing till you see the dye color coming out into the sponge. Do not rub the stain at all, or it will spread even further. Just keep dabbing gently making the stain wet with alcohol and applying pressure.

2. Hair Spray

Instead of alcohol, you can also try hair spray. Similar to alcohol, hair spray can also dissolve colored stains from dyes, markers, nail polish etc.

Spray on the stained area and dab with a cotton ball or something similar. You should notice the color coming out in the cotton. Keep removing the dye color out of the fabric till you see no further improvement.

3. Dish washing liquid

Dishwashing liquid can be useful to remove the hair dye from the clothes. Mix about 1 tablespoon of vinegar + 1 teaspoon of dish soap + 1 cup of water.

Now use a sponge to apply this solution to the stain. Rub very gently and dab it. Check that the stain should start lifting out of the fabric.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Dye stains are best removed by using some sort of bleaching agent. Hydrogen peroxide is a moderate bleach that can leave the color of the fabric unaffected.

Mix a little hydrogen peroxide in a cup of water and use a sponge to apply this solution on the stain. Just dab gently and avoid rubbing too much. However, make sure to first test the solution on some hidden part of the fabric to ensure that colorfastness of the fabric.

Hydrogen peroxide can be used with fabrics like cotton and polyester. Check the washing instructions for your fabric before applying it.

5. Ammonia

Ammonia is more powerful than hydrogen peroxide. And if hydrogen peroxide fails to completely lift the stain then you can go ahead and try ammonia.

Mix about 1 tablespoon of ammonia solution in a cup of water. Now use a sponge to apply this solution onto the stain.

Again, remember to first test it on an inconspicuous part of the fabric to ensure colorfastness. Then apply on the stain to wet it and dab it for few minutes. Soak the sponge with the solution again as needed.

After the stain has completely dissolved, rinse with cold water and launder as usual.

6.Commercial stain cleaners

Due to the strong nature of hair dye stains, you may have to consider using a commercial stain cleaner if all other remedies fail to work or if some residue to stain still persists. For

1. Clorox2 Stain Fighter and Color Booster –

This is a popular stain removal product that is claimed to be quite effective in removing stains without affecting the original color of the fabric.

Extra tips and advice

Some of the methods shown above involve the use of bleaching agents like hydrogen peroxide or ammonia. Be cautious when using bleach on clothes. Bleaching agents can spoil the color of the fabric or even the damage the fabric itself.

Check the label on the fabric for washing instructions. When using bleach, apply it on a hidden part first to ensure that the fabric is not loosing its color under the effect of the bleach.

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