How to get blood stains out of carpet

By | June 17, 2016

Blood leaves stains on almost every kind of fabric it touches. The quicker you clean it up the easier it is to get rid of the stains.

Dried blood stains can be difficult to remove. So its best to act as soon as the blood drops on the carpet.

Here are some common techniques that you can use to remove blood stains. Commonly available household things like vinegar, ammonia or detergent can be used to remove blood easily.

1. Apply water

If the stain is fresh then quickly dab it with a piece of water wet cotton. That should lighten the stain or even completely remove it. The blood will get absorbed in the cotton.

This works for small and light stains. If the stain is deep and wide then you would need to do few more things like using vinegar or detergent.

2. Simple white vinegar solution

Like with many other kind of stains, vinegar is effective in removing blood stains too. Just mix 1 part vinegar with 2 parts cold water and prepare a solution.

Now spray this solution on the stain and blot with a soft towel or washcloth for something, till the stain disappears.

2. Use dishwashing liquid

Common dishwashing liquid can work well to remove blood stains from the carpet. First you need to dilute it mixing 1 tablespoon of liquid with 2 cups of cold water.

Now apply this mixture on the stain area and let it sit for a few seconds. Then dab it with a wash cloth or cotton bud and see the blood coming out. The stain should get clear in a few seconds. Repeat the process till the stain is completely gone.

Detergent or dishwashing liquid should be used only with woolen or synthetic fabrics. Avoid using them on woolen fabric.

3. Use Ammonia solution

If there are traces of the stain left after applying the dishwash liquid then use ammonia solution to further clean it.

Mix about 1 tablespoon of ammonia with 1/2 cup warm water. Now use a sponge to dab this mixture on the stain area.

The stain should clear up completely.

Use ammonia only on synthetic fabric. It is a strong chemical and damage soft fabrics like wool.

4. Salt Paste technique

This is a very simple technique that needs only salt and water. Mix some salt with a little water to create a paste like thing.

Now rub this paste on the blood stain with a washcloth or towel. Keep blotting, until the stain completely disappears.

Next you need to vacuum, to remove the salt particles.

Extra tips

Another method to remove blood stain is by using hydrogen peroxide. However with hydrogen peroxide you need to be very careful. It is a powerful chemical and can bleach the color of your carpet.

When removing blood stains, always remember not to rub hard, otherwise the blood can settle deeper where it will be even more difficult to remove.

If the carpet is made of special fabric like silk, be careful and do not try to remove the stain yourself. Instead take it to a professional. Chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide can affect the color and texture of such fabric. It is advised to not use any kind of carpet cleaners as well on such fabric.

Woolen fabric also needs special care. Chemicals like bleach and ammonia are harsh on woolen fabric and can cause damage.

While removing blood, keep in mind that you should not rub it. You task is to lift the stain out instead of rubbing it away.

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