What to do with old mattress – Disposal and Recycling

By | July 17, 2016

Disposing a mattress

Mattress is a big sized thing, that cannot be easily thrown in the trash bin. If you are moving out your old mattress for a new one, you will have to deal with the disposal of the old mattress. You should know that mattresses are not biodegradable but many of their parts can be recycled!

In some towns, it might be easy enough to just put it on the sidewalk a little away from your house at night when nobody’s watching and hoping someone to just pick it up. But that sort of an activity might be quite illegal elsewhere.

Mattresses thrown in the dumpster will often reach landfills, where they are buried into the ground. This is definitely not the best way to get rid of objects as large as mattresses. They take up a lot of space and pollute the environment for a long time.

No matter if it takes time or even some money, you should dispose the mattress sensibly and responsibly without causing nuisance to the municipal authorities and the environment around you.

mattress disposal

You could donate it so that someone in need could reuse it, or you could send it for recycling where it would be disassembled and the components reused elsewhere. This way your old mattress is put to some use and not just dumped into the ground.

So if you have never thought about properly disposing your mattress, its high time that you do.

1. Donate It

If your mattress is in a usable condition without any faults or stains, it can be donated for others to use. Look for local furniture banks that accept such old mattresses as donations. If you cannot find any, then try some online website.

There are a number of websites where you can list your mattress for donation. Some of these offer free pickup services too. Here is a list you can try


2. Recycle it

Recycling is perhaps the best way to dispose old mattresses. The springs, foam, cotton, wood and all constituents of the mattress can be recycled and used elsewhere.

There are some mattress stores that offer free disposal for your old mattress if you are buying a new one. So you can take your old mattress and deposit it over there and then take a new one. This is a convenient way to send your mattress for recycling.

And if you are not actually buying a new one, but just need to dispose off the old one to clean your house, find out a suitable recycling center that collects mattresses.

However such recycling stations are not available everywhere. If you cannot find one in your city, another alternative is to call a recycling service. They will send a representative to your address who will collect the mattress and take it away.

Services of these kind will often charge fees for pickup of the mattress. But considering the importance of proper and safe disposal you should consider it, if the price is not too high. There are some services which might pick it up for free. You have to check out.

Check out the following website to locate recycle stations near you.


Check the following website for waste collection services.



Disposal should be considered when you are sure that the mattress is nearly useless. Taking good care of the mattress can extend its life.

Clean it and put it in the sun to get rid of all dirt and bad smell. The mattress might become usable once again. Also try flipping it upside down or rotate it to put it in a proper shape. Use bedsheets to avoid any dust from settling on it. These simple checks will surely make your mattress better and more usable.

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