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How to remove urine stains and smell from a mattress

By | February 8, 2019

From time to time, kids (or pets) might have an unexpected accident on your mattress. If left unattended to, you may end up asking how to get rid of the urine stain from the mattress. Right away you’ll want to know how to remove the urine smell – if you want to sleep at home again!

Keeping a clean mattress is a part of having a safe and healthy home. A lot goes into our mattresses, and we spend nearly a third of our time on it (sometimes more, sometimes less). So it’s important to take the best care of it.

Old picture of how to make a mattress - uses layers of fresh cotton

Natural materials in mattresses mean that they need to be treated well

Our A-Z list of useful stain removers will show you many ways to get rid of stains. But which one is best for the job of removing urine stains from mattresses? Start by laying down a towel and pat dry to soak up excess moisture. Next bring the mattress outside for the day to sit in the sunlight – a great natural way to clean, disinfect, and help remove the smells of urine in your mattress.
Once it’s well and dry address the stain and odor by putting baking soda on the affected area and rub in with your hands or a rag. After this you can simply shake or vacuum up the excess baking soda – similar to removing mold from a mattress.

As discussed there, you need to be careful about letting a mattress stay wet. The mold risk of a wet mattress can quickly make your bed unusable.

The best way to avoid urine stains is by prevention.

1. Use a waterproof mattress cover.
2. Don’t allow liquids to be consumed near your bed.
3. Ensure that children and animals that aren’t toilet trained don’t go on an unprotected mattress.

Finally when cleaning mattress, avoid using laundry detergents or soap. These cleaning solutions generally leave sediments which will cause moisture from air to permeate the mattress.